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Website Design

Web Design refers to the creation of websites with proper planning. Information is a key to today's business expansion and economic development. A neat website is an online identity that describes a company's history and other aspects of a business. That's why We are the best web design and development company in Trivandrum/ Thiruvananthapuram that can offer you a unique and creative solution for your business. We can create a website that is attractive and professional using high-end technology and innovative methods. Web Designing includes the following aspects.


Website Designing points to consider in building your business website

Informative Architecture
User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX)
Site Structure
Good Navigation System
Layout Structure
Images and icons
Website Design

SEO Friendliness
Creative website design

Web designing

These criteria are combined with an innovative design to create the website based on the client's requirement. Our years of experience include web design and website development for large, small, and medium-sized businesses. We are experts in the following areas:

  • Websites for personal use

  • Websites for E-commerce Shopping

  • Corporate brochures

  • Banner designs

  • Print designs

  • Websites for small businesses

  • Websites for corporate clients

  • Websites for Organizations

  • Real Estate Website

  • Word Press Website

  • School Website

  • College Website

  • ERP Application

  • Customer Support Website

Our website design company, Trivandrum in Kerala, is a leader in Freelancer Website Design. We will create a professional-looking website that provides a solution for your company or business. A site that is attractive to visitors generates more search engine traffic. Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and many others place websites on the site lists based on their ranking or position in web traffic. We can help you get your website to the top results of the search engine, and draw a lot of people to your site. Our company is a freelance web design firm with a skilled team.

Responsive Web Design

It is essential to create responsive web pages to get the best UI and UX experience. Our company is the best Freelancer Website Design Company in Trivandrum. We design websites that get the most engagement from users. Our main goal is to provide a website that is more user-friendly and interactive. Mobile Website Design is a hot trend in website design today. We make sure all of our websites are responsive to mobile devices and mobile-friendly websites to ensure our customers get the best possible experience.



Typography or fonts play an important part in communicating your message. Our web designers will ensure that your website uses clear and attractive fonts. Website fonts are specially designed. These fonts can be loaded mainly with the CSS code. Our designers can create rich and beautiful web fonts while keeping text easy to read. The font style, spacing, and size all play a significant role in attracting more people to your webpage. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others can access our fonts much more easily than they are for other sites. Webpage Fonts are a combination of normalcy and freshness. A more appealing look is achieved by easily readable text with at least 16 pixels. The site's background colour and text should be balanced to give the site a more vibrant look. Our team will help you make an informed decision about using web fonts. Google offers the best font services and has a large selection of fonts.



Your website's colour scheme is an important aspect of its appearance. A website visitor will have a better impression of your site if it uses different fonts and colours. The foundation of your website will make it more successful. Targeted audience demographics are key to choosing the right colour scheme for your brand or industry perspective. According to a study, the human eye can detect more than 7,000,000 colours. It is important to pay attention to the expectations of your customers, regardless of their industry. Consider the colour palette that you need when choosing the dominant colour. You can give your website an extra boost by adding a piece of content that has a specific interaction feature. We can help you find a unique way to affect the site's visitors. The most popular colours are red, green, and orange.



Are you looking to redesign your website? The best impressions are the first impressions. The beautiful layout of your website will improve the popularity of your site. We guarantee a 100% original and guaranteed new layout for your WebPages. Our unique website layouts help to create the best response from visitors. A report shows that it takes only 50 milliseconds to form a strong opinion about a website. The layout is a key factor in deciding whether someone will leave the page or stay. A few soothing adjectives and a clean website layout will give it a professional, approachable, and innovative look. The website will look better if it has white space, margins and padding. Layout with strong photography, graphics or icons provides additional information alongside the text on the image.


Images & Icons

To ensure that your audience is attracted to each piece of your website, it should be placed according to a visual hierarchy. It doesn't matter if you want to make the website for F-Patterns and Z-Patterns. This makes it easier to direct the eyes of visitors. The website should display beautiful icons and images that highlight the features of the product or service. Images & Icons give a better understanding of what you are talking about. The website should be attractive and responsive to provide a user-friendly experience. Designers can easily showcase the beauty and functionality of the product with attractive images. Images on the website help to convey the product's features. This website communicates the message of the owner to the visitors through images, not words. Our team will enhance the website's attractiveness by ensuring that the images are beautiful.


Website Video/ Gif Animation

Background videos are very popular in today's world. They will attract the most people. People will be able to learn more by watching beautiful videos of your products and services. For more information about your company, you can upload a 30-second or one-minute video to your website. You can bring your perfect solution to life with short videos. A video would provide visitors with an amazing experience. For example, when a company displays the short illustrator of how easy it is to use their product with the simple dragging-and-dropping design gives more beauty to the website. The entire concept could be understood by viewers in a matter of seconds. A Magazine report found that 92% of B2B customers enjoy watching videos online to support their ideas. This is a great way to learn more about the products and services offered by the company.


Good Navigation

Navigation on the web page is an important option that should be taken into consideration. Each website viewer should ensure instant access to the WebPages. More animated navigation and multiple-tiered sub-navigations make the website more beautiful. Site navigation elements like the header, footer, or body play an important part in directing visitors to the right information. Strong navigation will give the Main Menu in your header a more attractive look. If your website is long and has a lot of scrolling, the directional arrows will be most useful. This would allow the user to easily navigate to each section. The "Back to Top" button, for example, allows visitors to quickly access the top of the page. Most users scroll further on your website then you might expect. They also like to see about half of it.



The loading speed of the webpage should be one of the most important considerations. If the navigation system is faster, it will be more efficient in increasing customer satisfaction. However, if a website loads slowly while you access data on the webpage, it may be difficult to view. We will design your website with high-speed reload speeds between Web Pages. Our web design service makes it easy to access the Web Pages with quick access options. This would provide a complete solution. We guarantee to deliver the best website design services in the shortest time possible. Our web design team can create a responsive and fast-loading website that has a unique look and feel. Our team can create the best web design for your startup or large enterprise.



The World Wide Web is filled with websites that offer a wide range of services. If you want to compete against more than a million sites, then an innovative strategy can be a significant option. A website with a unique feature that allows you to do positive work is a great way to increase its popularity. Animation and video are important in attracting viewers. It is easier to grab people's attention with well-designed animation. Animation can be used in web menus, hidden menus, hidden menus and many other ways, including clicking the button. Our team is focused on making your website more prominent. The animated videos give you a greater chance of introducing more products. Our videos are short and simple and mainly feature minimalism and flat design. We create animated videos that are engaging, easy to use, search engine friendly, and optimized.


Since 2015, I’ve provided my professional Web Designer services to individuals and businesses alike. I create the tools needed to stand out in a crowded market, giving my clients a creative and professional boost. With more than hundreds of web designing, search engine optimisation and digital marketing projects have been done successfully. As we gather a team of skilled digital experts we have taken the initiative and commit our clients to provide results giving websites. We continue providing quality web design in Trivandrum, Kerala and all over the world also. As the result our hard-work and customer support, our clients began to love us back and make us the best web design company in Trivandrum and one of the best web design company in Kerala.

For every customer, budget is an important factor when it comes to web design/web development. So, before getting started your website design, It's very important to have a niche. After analysing the niche,  you can calculate the average cost that your web designer going to charge you. Below are some most common website categories in that you can get an idea about your niche and the average cost or price of making a website in Trivandrum

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